I was raised in a family of portrait photographers who have served the Denver area with Maternity, Newborn, Family, Graduate, Wedding and Business photography for over 70 years. At age 12, I started working in my father's portrait studio. I would stand on a box in the darkroom to reach the tanks that I used to process 5x7 BW sheet film. Eventually, my dad handed me a camera (that still used flash bulbs) and told me to go photograph a wedding - the "sink or swim" method of photography instruction. Well, clearly, I didn't drown. I managed to swim to the surface and begin an enduring photography career of my own.

I am grounded in traditional black and white photography. Seeing the way the lens sees. Studying light, Translating that vision to film and the craftsmanship of the fine art silver gelatin print .

As an artist who continues to evolve, I am also open to and excited about the merits of digital photography. I believe that, ultimately, my time-tested gifts as a photographer do not rely on the type of camera or the type of medium that I choose.
I have photographed the famous and the infamous, the rich and the poor, and I always strive to capture the life force quality that makes each person unique and human.

My goal is simple - to be "hands-on" in every phase of the custom photography process so that you and I create a timeless statement, a piece of art worthy of a distinguished place on your wall, to be enjoyed for decades.